Why Did They Ever Cancel Freaks and Geeks??!!??!

warning: this post is quite jumbled and rambly and yelly because I am in a state of frazzlement. apologies.

I hate people. People do things. Stupid things like take good TV shows off the air. It’s bologna!!!


no, it’s not just you

I just spent the last 3 days binge watching Freaks and Geeks for the first time on Netflix, and I am irrationally upset that I have no more episodes to watch. I finished the last episode less than 10 minutes ago, and I almost want to cry. I feel like a friend has died. Well, maybe not a friend. Maybe…a fish? Yeah. A goldfish that I just won at a carnival that I was really excited to own that I had named Pickles that died a week later, gasping for water.


me after the last episode finished

UGHHHHHHH! Why do TV stations do this?? Destroy perfectly good – no, great! – shows in their infancy?

It has stimulating topics of conversation:


It has hot guys!:


It has big laughs:



I did this to myself. I knew that people love this show. I knew that it only had 18 episodes. I knew that it contained a plethora of actors that I love and had the high school rebellion/outcast/puberty/awkwardness/young love plot lines that I adore in a nostalgic, idealistic-fantasy-of-what-my-formative-years-could-have-been-like way. I knew that it was cancelled 14 years ago.



I know. I’m pathetic.

I don’t know if I’ve ever created such a strong emotional attachment to a show this quickly. I mean, I was sucked in within the first 4 minutes of the pilot, the way it used different songs/genres to introduce the different cliques. By the time Mr. Weir’s started spitting off a string of “you will get pregnant and die” snips, I was hooked.


Can we just for a moment talk about how fan-flippin-tastic this show is? It’s one of those shows that I feel is often missing from TV these days: a show about the everyday lives of everyday kids in an everyday town. There are no millionaires. There are no teen pop-stars. There are no supernatural beings. There are no psycho killers. None of those bullshit gimmicks.

Lindsay Weir is so goddamn relatable! She is probably the most normal lead character on a TV show I’ve ever seen, besides maybe Lizzie McGuire. She is my spirit animal, my patronus. She is simultaneously the most insecure and the most I-don’t-give-a-fuck girl. She will defend the boy with special needs from assholes and then go off let her friends talk her into throwing a kegger even though she doesn’t really want to. She wears the same green anorak every single episode, rejecting the unrealistic, ever-growing closets of most TV characters. She is really smart and goes back and forth about whether or not she wants to pursue her intellect. She doesn’t do her hair and makeup every day. She has a crush on the dashing, brooding Daniel and gets over the crush without ever being outright rejected by him or having her heart broken. She adopts an entirely new friend group because she is sick of the way her life is going. Whether or not it’s for the better is debatable, but that’s not the point. She wants to change her life and she does it! THIS IS GREAT STUFF!


You said it, Lindsay

And it’s not just Lindsay. Most of the main characters are multidimensional. Daniel is hot but a bad boy but good to his friends but a total slacker but genuine with his girlfriend but a manipulative asshole but nice to (some) nerds. Kim is a raging bitch but a loyal friend but a thief but from a fucked up family but occasionally violent but completely insecure. Nick is super sweet but lazy as hell but passionate about drumming but overeager about Lindsay but a total burnout but totally adorkable.


Everyone is just so believable, which was a combination of great writing and great actors. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS SHOW! Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Busy Philipps, Jason Segel, Seth Rogan, Chauncey Leopardi (aka Squints), Thomas F. Wilson (aka Biff), Riley Smith, Lizzy Caplan (aka Janice Ian), Ben Foster, baby Shia LaBeouf, and Ben Stiller to name a few. There are very few, if any, instances of overacting, which is especially impressive from the younger members of the cast. I feel like a lot of today’s shows geared toward a younger crowd end up feeling disingenuous. Freaks and Geeks does not have this problem. And besides a couple (what I would consider) missteps, such as Nick being “addicted” to pot and Daniel going punk, the episode conflicts are never over dramatic, never get after-school-specially and never feel forced.


I love that Sam got the chance to be with the pretty popular girl. I love that he got to learn that being pretty and popular doesn’t make you interesting. I love that the geek got to dump the princess. I love that Ken, played by the ever-type-cast Seth Rogan, was dating a girl who was born both male and female. I love that when he talked about it with his friends, she was never treated like a freak and the topic remained serious and curious. I love that Daniel wouldn’t even tell Kim about it. I love that Lindsay saw Daniel’s flaws and got over him painlessly on her own. I love that she calls out her friends for taking advantage of her. I LOVE when she chews out Daniel for asking if she was on her period.

I love that the main guy (Daniel) and main girl (Lindsay) don’t get together or ever even hint at it being a possibility. Daniel’s got Kim who he adores and Lindsay is just plain uninterested.  I love that even though Daniel is the ringleader, Ken and Nick aren’t his flunkies. They give him shit and talk back to him and they are all equal friends. They care about each other like a family.


The show also tries to stay away from cliche story lines and “life lessons”. Lindsay makes the decision to join the “freaks” on her own (ie she wasn’t recruited in by a guy who was interested in her). She throws a party and her parents never find out. The gang all gets fake ids and although they are called out as being high school students, they don’t get arrested or in any trouble.

Blah blah blah. Moving on.

I SHIP LINDSAY AND NICK! I SHIP NICK AND LINDSAY SO HARD! He is such a sweetie and he really cares about her and helps her loosen up while she keeps him grounded in reality while supporting his ambitions. Seeing as Lindsay and I are pretty much the same person (no, seriously), I know why it can’t work; he’s too clingy and overbearing and the lovey dovey stuff makes my stomach churn. And he’s also a pothead who’s stoned all the time, which makes it really difficult to actually get to know someone, especially if you don’t smoke (trust me). But in the finale episode we learn that he has started to sober up! This is HUGE since it was one of Lindsay’s biggest problems with him and it’s possible that it’ll stick since he decided to make the change on his own! HE CLEARLY STILL LIKES HER AND SHE TOTALLY WANTS TO JUMP HIS BONES AND THEY HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE A TEENAGED ROSS AND RACHEL AND NOW WE WILL NEVER KNOW!!



Kim and Daniel are also super adorable together. I mean, they are really aggressive toward each other but it’s so genuine and sweet and how I remember real couples in high school. It’s goofy and fun and comfortable. It’s awesome that even though Daniel is the traditionally attractive guy, Kim isn’t the cookie cutter, super thin, perfect appearance girl. It’s refreshing. They are there for each other during all of their hardships and they know all each other’s shit. And they still love each other like crazy.


gahhhhh so cute!

Ahhhh this show had so much potential and so much space to grow! LIFE IS SO UNFAIR. Now we can only pray that they develop perfect CGI and make 20 more seasons.


Dear God, please bring back F&G


In Your name we pray. Amen.

Ok. Brb, deep breathing and trying not to cry