Put It On Repeat (6/27/14)

When I get obsessed with a song, I tend to just play it over and over within an inch of its life. These are the ones in the current rotation:

1. Acid Rain by Saintseneca

I love the imperfection in his voice. It sounds like bare feet on hot gravel.

2. She’s Got You High by Mumm-Ra

The opening guitar feels like the dizziness in your shoulders when you have new love. I start smiling the second I hear the first notes =)

3. Stay Young, Go Dancing by Death Cab For Cutie

I’ve thought about this as a potential first dance song. I have to close my eyes when Ben sings “through autumn’s advancing” and let it wash over me. Kinda tricky when driving…proceed with caution.

4. Fall Away by A Cursive Memory

Great don’t-give-a-fuck anthem with rhythm that subconsciously makes you head roll

5. Arise Great Warrior by The Fervor

I couldn’t find anyone who had posted the album recording but their live performance is pretty on point. I’d love a full version of the first 2 minutes; The keyboard/guitar picking combo is trance inducing. The middle build up is soooooo satisfying.

6. Amie by Pure Prairie League

The harmonies in this song are so deliciously soft. When the Neil Young-esque harmony comes in at the end, I quietly melt into a puddle.

7. Hurricane by Panic! at the Disco

This is one of my go-to songs for long drives because it’s so upbeat and dancey. I’m a sucker for solid hand claps.

8. Pompeii by Bastille

Always reminds me of a guy I hung out with last summer. He was in love with this song and wanted me to love it too.